MXC AMA Recapitulation- Jasmy IoT Platform (JASMY)

MXC AMA Recapitulation- Jasmy IoT Platform (JASMY)

Yity@MXCJanuary 11, 2021

Guest: Kunitake Ando,Representative Director; Kazumasa Sato, President & COO and Hiroshi Harada, CFO

Host: Molly


Molly:Before we start into the project, could you give an introduction about yourself and the team?

Kazumasa :

Jasmy is mainly created by the members from ex-Sony.

Representative director Kunitake Ando has launched VAIO, Xperia (smart-phone), created Sony Life Insurance and laid the foundation for the expansion to the current scale prior to becoming the 7th president of Sony Corporation. Besides the activities to create eco-system for innovation for Japanese companies, he is also the Chairman of the University of Nagano.

Similarly, President & COO Kazumasa Sato has built a career centered on marketing at Sony. After being deeply involved in the IT network business as a representative director of Sony Style, he was also involved in the branding of the entire Sony Group as the head of the Sony Design Department.

Vice President Masanobu Yoshida, has a track record of introducing iPhone to Japan as Managing Executive Officer of SoftBank Mobile after building his career as a hardware engineer at Sony.

Senior strategist Tadashi Morita is a core member of Sony Computer Science Laboratories and is familiar with the security of the non-contact IC card technology Felica. Felica is a technology that is most popular and has been used in Japan for 20 years without huge security problems.

CFO Hiroshi Harada has built an 11-year career at KPMG as a CPA. In addition to accounting, finance and tax, he is also familiar with IPO and IR.

Molly:Can you introduce us about Jasmy IoT Platform?

Kazumasa :Okay, We are an IoT platform company on a mission to provide the infrastructure which allows anybody to use data safely and securely. We are currently developing and providing the “Jasmy Platform” to achieve this.The Jasmy Platform aims to regain data sovereignty for each individual so that everyone can use his or her data safely and securely. To achieve this, we have combined Blockchain and IoT technology to provide the optimal platform solution for customers around the world, and across industries.

In Japan, we have started to work with the biggest Japanese call center – Transcosmos, MaaS solution provider for Toyota and Panasonic – Witz, the famous laptop brand – VAIO. Besides, we also work with regional governments to develop business.

The details are as follows.

We have developed a secure PC apps with owner recognition function based on our unique blockchain technology and device management ideas. Thus, the PC does not accept commands other than the owner. Furthermore, it enables each administrator to manage operation by capturing separate log data .

Even if the device is attacked, the risk can be kept within a certain range, so that it will not cause great loss to the company or the individual. In addition, we believe that secure PC can solve the problems of thin clients, such as the complexity of installation and operation, as well as productivity problems due to poor performance or slow response.

We see an increasing demand on high-level security regulations coming not only for remote working but also for the financial industry in Japan.

Additionally, we provide an application that enables customers to safely and securely own call logs and response histories that are normally stored on the contact center server.

We will develop this next-generation application for contact centers together with Transcosmos, the industry leader in Japan.

Through switching the operators’ working places from call center to home office, we believe that this measure cannot only reduce the risk of infection during the pandemic, but also reduce the operating cost compared to the conventional way.

We foresee greater business development in the future by solving corporate data security issues using Jasmy’s technology.

Apart from cooperation with Transcosmos, we also built a business alliance with Witz. Together we are going to provide a new service called “Community-based Town MaaS”. On our platform, it is possible for service providers to use personal data of autonomous driving users in a safe and secure way to provide various services. This will not only improve customer convenience but also reduce the cost for managing personal information.

By using behavioral data from residents and tourists, such as shopping, diet, transportation, spending time, distance, etc., we will consider new services based on the futuristic MaaS.

As we have already entered into contracts with listed companies in Japan, there is a market for our business. We have started the deployment of our products with our business partners and can foresee the regular increasement in demand for our services. Therefore, our business scale will continue to expand with the increasement of business from partner companies.

Molly:Brilliant! you have done a lot! and also shared with us the story why created Jasmy IoT Platform, very detailed👍Can you tell us a bit about JASMY token and its role?

Harada:Okay, I answer the question.

The features of Jasmy Coin are, 

1) investors purchasing for capital gains in the market, and 

2) companies using for business demand.

The main use of Jasmy Coin is that company can pay individuals Jasmy Coins as reward for acquiring personal data, especially the personal data generated from IoT devices.

HARA, [11.01.21 19:36]

Jasmy Coin is the only valid currency for the value of personal data on our platform.

With the increasement of partner companies as well as the users of their services, the scale of our platform will continue to expand, hence, the volume and the value of personal data owned by each individual will continue to expand as well.

There is another factor that decides the growing value of Jasmy Coin. For the companies who are using Jasmy’s services, this token ecosystem will not affect their finance reports.

Jasmy generates revenue from providing its platform as a service to companies. Even if a company does not pay Jasmy Coin for information security or purchase of our products, the token ecosystem mentioned above will rotate the token cycle. Companies have the advantage of being able to develop their businesses regardless of token price movements.

On the other hand, Jasmy Coin makes the accumulated personal data available in case they want to use the data stored in personal data locker generated from their services.

Questions from community:

Molly: Q1.What’s different in Jasmy blockchain which provides more security in data sectors?

Kazumasa :

Okay, It’s a nice question. Traditional data storage and management is done in a centralized enterprise way. The server is installed in the enterprise, and the enterprise is the center of management.

Jasmy’s business model does not collect data in a centralized system, analyze and make a profit based on it. We believe the individuals on the platform are the owners of the data, and the owners should make a profit by utilizing the data.

On our platform, users of companies’ services become the owners of their data by having a “personal data locker”.  This is a big difference from other businesses.

Molly:Q2.awesome, data is always one of important factors that users care, thanks for working on that. What benefits will Jasmy deliver to the ecosystem and the community?

Kazumasa :

Companies will be able to obtain fresh, unprocessed and unfalsified data from users through the IoT devices. It is even possible between rival companies, e.g. Sony may be able to obtain personal data generated from Panasonic devices. This is made possible because our business model makes each individual the owner of his own data.

Based on our business model, companies are more likely to access to the information that was previously unavailable. This will create new value for the personal data.As more and more companies join the Jasmy platform to provide services and the number of users increases, the scale of platform will expand, and the amount and value of data possessed by each individual will also increase.

Molly:Q3. What’s the IoT business model of Jasmy IoT Platform, how does it work?

Kazumasa :

Our Secure PC has a special technology that allows the PC, which is considered to be most demanded in IoT, even being connected to the internet, to protect the command cannot be pulled out easily. This can be achieved by adopting our own Certificate Authority on the blockchain and by introducing special security technologies such as encryption on the hardware. Rich expertise in hardware is exactly one of our strengths.

In addition to the technologies mentioned above, the record on the distributed ledger based on blockchain will build the personal data lockers with ownership of each individual. By recording the correct data and strengthening the security of personal data, we believe the usage of Jasmy platform will lead to increased economic value.

Molly:Q4.We notice that you mention the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” on the website, so could you share with us the role of Jasmy IoT Platform in the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”?

Kazumasa :

Thank you.While so many things are connected to the Internet and become a convenient world, data privacy is a difficult task to solve.

We are considering two issues regarding the security of personal data. One issue is that people will feel concerned as if our behavior is being monitored, if the data that belong to us is being used by companies without our acknowledge. The policy on our platform is that our data should be attributed to us personally and it is up to each individual to decide for whom to provide the data.

The other issue is that companies do not have adequate measures while having a large amount of personal data in house. As most companies are providing services based on centralized information management, therefore, the information leakage will continue to happen. To reduce corporate security risks is an important issue for the company growth. Our platform solves this issue with our core technologies, blockchain and distributed storage.

Molly:Q5.plz check the info carefully for your information, dyor.Investors care about the future about Jasmy, could you tell us the roadmap of jasmy? What big development can we expect in 2021?

Harada:Here are four roadmaps for our development.

Our project is currently in the platform penetration period. We are in close collaboration with Japan’s biggest customer service call centers, well-known consumer electronics brands and local governments, and are in the final testing phase of commercialization with some enterprise-level customers.

Our current service plan is to serve 100 corporate customers over the next two years, with 1.5 million individual users joining the Jasmy platform and 1,000 participating companies in five years. It has reached and is expected to have more than 5 million individual users.

Free-asking Session

Q1.What is the real goal that JASMY is pursuing? How does the community help you achieve that goal? Who are you aiming JASMY?@cuongpham1997


Our ultimate goal is to attain the data democracy where people use internet in most secure and safe way by protecting our own data.

Today’s world dominated by GAFA, but we are going to change on the world to protecting people data

Q2.Most projects have to go through certain difficulties and challenges, what difficulties do you face and how do you overcome them?@zzcuna

Harada:We have many experiences to overcome difficulties when we introduce new products and new services while we were with SONY.

So we are used to introducing new services like JASMY platform so we are confident.

Q3.To SURVIVE in tough crypto market conditions is difficult, and we see that many projects are Jasmy from the targets. What is Your project strategy to survive in this long blockchain marathon?@typhucrypto

Harada:We have partnerships with large listed corporations in Japan. we have already deployed our platform in their businesses.

We expect to continue to expand our platform in the post COVIT19 era, where data security becomes more important to protect people’s personal data. On the other hand, our platform will contribute to reduce the cost by implementing our platform.

Q4.What plan you have about marketing and new listing? 

Specially Asia have biggest market. What plan you have on it?@MohiUddinB

Harada:After Singapore, we are planning to list China, US, and of course JAPAN in next 3 months.

Q5.What are your plans on GLOBAL adoption? Which country is presently focused on ??@vmiop


Of course, we should be global. But now we are focusing on Japan Industries, because we know many good companies to want to join our projects in near future. So we will show our project with them is very useful and helpful for many industries and people’s daily lives with innovative ideas and thought. So we believe we can work globally very soon.

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