Jasmy updates– White Paper
is it possible that Jasmy will be listed on a japanese cryptocurrency exchange?
Jasmy’ future as a cryptocurrency
Jasmy’s listing in japan raises prices
Jasmy prices, charts
what is Jasmy? characteristics as a cryptocurrency
is Jasmy really a suspicious cryptocurrency?
it was used in shady deals in 2018
free distribution of Jasmy (about airdrops)
exchange where you can buy Jasmy coins, how to buy
Jasmy’s recap

Jasmy updates
On August 10 and 13, 2021, JasmyCoin was listed on two cryptocurrency exchanges.

Adding newly listed exchanges allows Jasmy to trade on a total of seven cryptocurrency exchanges.
We continue to list only on minor exchanges, but we assume that the reason is preparation for listing on The Japan

In fact, there is an item “It is a coin with a certain liquidity” in the conditions of a coin newly listed on a Japan exchange.

This time “CEX.

Including IO and ZT, Jasmy is listed in five countries: Singapore, China, Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom.
First of all, it seems that the purpose is to increase liquidity as coins handled in various countries and clear the conditions of domestic


Jasmy’s listing in japan is explained in detail in another item, so if you are interested, please read the item “possibility of listing on a japanese exchange?”

On August 24, 2021, Jasmy Co., Ltd., which issues Jasmy Coins, became a sponsor of the J.League’s Sagan Tosu.
on the stadium’s electronic bulletin board where the game will be held. You’ll now see Jasmy ads. If it can lead to the improvement of the name recognition of Jasmy itself, it may be a tailwind for the spread of Jasmy COINS and the listing in Japan

is it possible that Jasmy will be listed on a japanese cryptocurrency exchange?
From the conclusion, I think there is a great possibility of listing on exchanges in Japan.
The reason is that Jasmy is in a state where the same conditions as cryptocurrencies listed in Japan in the past can be

First of all, it is said that it is a necessary condition to list in Japan

1: You can answer questions and disclose information from JVCEA (Japan Crypto-Asset Trading Association) 2: Already have sufficient liquidity 3: There is no gambling app based on that token 4: It is not a token of anonymity
5: There is

an example of use It is said that it is necessary to clear the conditions around here. (*Estimates)
So how far can Jasmy Coycoin clear this condition?

1: Information disclosure 〇
There is an operating company in Japan, and the executive is a former official of the world-famous Sony, so it is perfect as the reliability of information. It can be said that it is a company with a tremendous influence. 2: Liquidity 〇(△)
Jasmy Coin has been listed on overseas exchanges every month since January 2021.

Since it has been listed on seven cryptocurrency exchanges in half a year, we are in the process of creating liquidity. 3: Not related to gambling 〇
We cannot confirm the existence of gambling applications using Jasmy.

  • I think it is irrelevant, but since 2019, a subsidiary of Sony has applied for a patent for an eSports gambling platform. 4: Not a token of anonymity 〇
    Because it is an ERC token based on Ethereum, there is no anonymity.

5: Proof of use )
Demonstration experiments in Kitahiroshima City, Hokkaido, where autonomous vehicles drive on public roads using Jasmy, and experiments from the security, operation, and service aspects of personal data are being conducted.

We are still in the experimental stage, but we are steadily creating examples of Jasmy technology being utilized in cooperation with local

governments. TThe above is a content that compares the contents of the examination that is
said to have been performed for cryptocurrencies newly listed on Coincheck with Jasmy Coin ※ It is my personal opinion to the last.

Looking at Jasmy’s trends in 2021, conditions other than liquidity have almost cleared, so it seems that we are repeating new listings now.

If the number of cases of use in Japan increases, the listing of Jasmy Coin in Japan will become quite

We summarized the information that has been found at this stage and examined the possibility of listing Jasmy.

We will continue to follow the trend of Jasmy Coin and update the latest

information. >> If you want to know other coins with high expectations, please use this

Jasmy’ future as a cryptocurrency
Jasmy is a promising cryptocurrency with a chance to see price increases in the future.
the reason for thinking so is that “listing in japan is also possible”.

let’s explain in


Jasmy’s listing in japan raises prices
as i mentioned in the previous item, Jasmy may be listed on a japanese cryptocurrency exchange at any time.
again, Jasmy needs to clear the conditions of “use cases” and “high liquidity” in order to

list. in other words, “Jasmy’s listing is already utilized and liquidity has increased”.

in addition, the directors of Jasmy co., ltd., the publisher, are former presidents of Sony and former presidents of subsidiaries.

Jasmy appears to investors as “a highly liquid coin that is already being utilized by a highly reliable japanese company”.

if Jasmy decides to list in japan, it is likely to attract the attention of many investors, so i think it is now to invest in Jasmy.

Jasmy prices, charts

The price of Jasmy is currently 1.28 yen per sheet.
It soared to 400 yen per sheet immediately after listing, but as of 2021 it has crashed to about 1/300.

Why on earth did Jasmy

Along with the cryptocurrency chart, we will tell you about the factors.

At that time it was sold with suspicious complaints such as “Intense ICO project!”, There was a rush of buying from speculative investors who expected to earn explosively.
Three years later, in 2021, Jasmy finally went on to go on a cryptocurrency exchange

After listing, it soared to about 400 yen per sheet, so that investors who purchased at ICO can sell it at 400 times the

price. As a result,interest-making by ICO buyers and sales by investors for speculative purposes led to a one-after-another sale, and the price fell to the current price of 1.28 yen per sheet, nearly 400 for about 400.

This is said to be the cause of the Jasmy crash.

If you’ve only invested in Jasmy, you can expect to have suffered a lot of


even a coin that you can expect like Jasmy does not have a zero risk of crashing.

you can clearly see the high risk of investing only in one stock. after all, it is important to invest in multiple stocks in a diversified manner.

i think that there are many people who say “i can not find a good altcoin”, but recently there is also an information site that distributes information on coins with a high possibility of sudden increase.

let’s increase the chance to make money while making more and more various services and hedging the risk


what is Jasmy? characteristics as a cryptocurrency
Jasmy is a project to develop platforms and solutions for IoT with the aim of “democratizing data” that allows individuals to securely manage personal information.
Specifically, the goal is to create an environment where each individual can take ownership of and manage personal information that is proprietary to giants such as GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, And

Jasmy Coins are issued as their own coins for the project, but at this time it is unclear what coins are used.

Jasmy White Paper) As explained in the white paper prepared by Jasmy Co., Ltd., only the description that it can be used for various purposes is posted.
As an operating company, it seems that you can’t decide what to use Jasmy Coin


Jasmy Corporation, the publisher of Jasmy Coin Co., Ltd., is former Sony President and CEO Kunie Ando , Former Sony Creative Center Director Sato

・ Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Since it

was founded by three Sony graduates of Masanobu Yoshida, Head of The Japan Business Division, Jasmy Coin is attracting attention as a super-anticipated cryptocurrency involving famous Japanese companies.

is Jasmy really a suspicious cryptocurrency?
it is said that Jasmy coin, which has both the publisher and the project, is suspicious because Jasmy co., ltd. said that it does not sell cryptocurrency.
in fact, companies need to register with the financial services agency and the ministry of finance as crypto asset exchange companies in order to sell cryptocurrencies.
of course, Jasmy corporation is not a crypto asset exchange company, so selling Jasmy coins will violate the funds settlement

therefore, Jasmy coin distributed Jasmy coins by handing out their own tokens by airdrop (lending) without taking the means of


some people who misinterpreted this “not selling” information said, “Jasmy coin does not exist because
Jasmy co., ltd. does not sell it!”

by saying, it became a reason to be said that Jasmy coin is suspicious, it is a coin that does not really
Jasmy coin itself definitely exists, and the white paper created by Jasmy corporation clearly states its

together with the price crash, it looks like a suspicious cryptocurrency, but Jasmy coin is a cryptocurrency that the publisher has made


it was used in shady deals in 2018
In 2018, there was also a cryptocurrency scam that deceived Jasmy’s name, and at that time we obtained the blockchain address used to sell Jasmy Coins.
At that time, when Jasmy was sold, which multiple YouTubers called a relative recruitment, it will be the ETH address to which the purchase funds were sent.

first of all, the address is checked by etherscan. ⇒ this is the page capture

if you look at the transactions, you can see that you frequently send and receive ethereum money

As far as token balance is concerned, it is said that the funds collected from Jasmy’s sale have already been remitted somewhere because the address has about 0.05 ETH left at the time of the investigation.

if it is an address prepared for presale, it was possible to identify the remittance destination, but since it is an address that is sending money to various addresses, it is difficult to determine the address where funds are finally collected.

We were also able to see that this address frequently transfers tokens of the Ethereum standard (ERC-20) as well as Ethereum.

The transaction took place on the date before nam coins were listed. That is, I can see that the owner of this ETH address was also involved in the pre-sale of “NAM coin”.
It was a remittance address published in Jasmy’s ICO sale introduced by a Certain YouTuber, but there seems to be no doubt that a suspicious trader was selling Jasmy’s name.
free distribution of Jasmy (about airdrops)
In January 2021, you can receive a Jasmy coin airdrop (free distribution), and a website that encourages you to register as a member appears.

Name and email address, It seems that you can receive airdrops by entering personal information such as phone numbers, but it is suspicious somehow.
Jasmy has been soliciting ICO’s without permission by unrelated companies in the past, and it is said that only “Jasmy League” is officially recognized by Jasmy

It is not known whether there will be really free distribution at this time, so it is better to refrain from entering personal

Jasmy Co., Ltd. has made an inquiry about this matter, so we will continue to include it as soon as we receive a response.

On January 7, 2021
・ What is the relationship with the website claiming free distribution (airdrop)?
・ Is there free distribution (airdrop)?
I received an answer from “Bellwood Enterprise”, the operating company of Jasmy League.

You can not post the email as it is, but the airdrop site is a business partner company, so it seems that you can definitely receive Jasmy by airdrop.

exchange where you can buy Jasmy coins, how to buy

Jasmy Coins are currently available on seven exchanges in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, the United States and the United Kingdom. MEXC (Singapore)
Gate. io(China)


Hoo,Hong Kong


CEX. IO(United Kingdom)

ZT(Hong Kong)

Exchanges in China and Hong Kong restrict some use of Japanese people, so if you want to buy Jasmy Coins, use MEXC or Bitrex Exchange. If you are worried about opening an overseas account or transferring money, please use the information site “Bitlend” that also supports opening and using an account at an overseas exchange.

Jasmy’s recap
this time, what kind of cryptocurrency called Jasmy is like? are you sure you’re going to be listed on a Japanese exchange? we investigated such as.
the possibility of listing in japan is well considered, and since it is 1.28 yen per sheet, i think that it is a cryptocurrency that can be expected to soar in the future.
since Jasmy is a cryptocurrency that can keep the purchase cost low, it seems to be good to invest a small amount at the risk of listing in japan, it is a personal opinion.

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