Jasmy Coin and Japan’s Future

$JASMY.X Honestly I was hoping a week ago this would stay a bit quit until I was able to invest more money at a lower price. As we have continued from only 25 days ago, the inevitable seems to have continued. Jasmy has doubled and tripled since my initial investments of .051 buy in. Regardless of that I have continued to invest at prices of .162, – .2105 this morning, .2453 yesterday. I will continue to invest more and do believe greatly that Jasmy Coin will continues it’s Journey in becoming a more stable, well known utilized Cryptocurrency in Japan. I see it as and label it the Japanese Countries Cypto (Bitcoin). As the 3rd largest GDP on the Planet This becomes more an obvious necessity for Japan to continue the highest of standards for their Countries future welfare both securely and self sustainment Globally.


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