Japan’s leading blockchain project combining the Internet of Things and distributed storage technology

Q1) What is the background of the Jasmy leadership team?

Jasmy is mainly created by the members from ex-Sony.

Representative director Kunitake Ando was the 7th president of Sony Corporation. He has launched VAIO, Xperia (smart-phone), created Sony Life Insurance and laid the foundation for the expansion to the current scale. Besides the activities to create eco-system for innovation for Japanese companies, he is also the Chairman of the University of Nagano.

Similarly, President & COO Kazumasa Sato has built a career centered on marketing at Sony. After being deeply involved in the IT network business as a representative director of Sony Style, he was also involved in the branding of the entire Sony Group as the head of the Sony Design Department.

Vice President Masanobu Yoshida, has a track record of introducing iPhone to Japan as Managing Executive Officer of SoftBank Mobile after building his career as a hardware engineer at Sony.

Senior strategist Tadashi Morita is a core member of Sony Computer Science Laboratories and is familiar with the security of the non-contact IC card technology Felica. Felica is a technology that is most popular and has been used in Japan for 20 years without huge security problems. (https://www.sony.net/Products/felica/about/)

I am CFO Hiroshi Harada. I’m the only one of the core members not from Sony:) I have built an 11-year career at KPMG as a CPA. In addition to accounting, finance and tax, I am also versed of IPO and IR.

Q2) Please introduce the background and overview of the Jasmy IoT Platform. How are the services concretely being used?

We are an IoT platform company on a mission to provide the infrastructure which allows anybody to use data safely and securely. We are currently developing and providing the “Jasmy Platform” to achieve this.

The Jasmy Platform aims to regain data sovereignty for each individual so that everyone can use his or her data safely and securely. To achieve this, we have combined Blockchain and IoT technology to provide the optimal platform solution for customers around the world, and across industries.

In Japan, we have started to work with the biggest Japanese call center — Transcosmos, MaaS solution provider for Toyota and Panasonic — Witz, the famous laptop brand — VAIO. Besides, we also work with regional governments to develop business.

Jasmy – Witz partnership announced in March 2021
Jasmy – Transcosmos partnership annouced in December 2018

We have developed a secure PC with owner recognition function based on our unique blockchain technology and device management ideas. Thus, the PC does not accept commands other than the owner. Furthermore, it enables each administrator to manage operation by capturing separate log data.

Even if the device is attacked, the risk can be kept within a certain range, so that it will not cause great loss to the company or the individual. In addition, we believe that secure PC can solve the problems of thin clients, such as the complexity of installation and operation, as well as productivity problems due to poor performance or slow response.

We see an increasing demand on high-level security regulations coming not only for remote working but also for the financial industry in Japan.

Additionally, we provide an application that enables customers to safely and securely own call logs and response histories that are normally stored on the contact center server.

We will develop this next-generation application for contact centers together with Transcosmos, the industry leader in Japan.

Through switching the operators’ working places from call center to home office, we believe that this measure cannot only reduce the risk of infection during the pandemic, but also reduce the operating cost compared to the conventional way.

We foresee greater business development in the future by solving corporate data security issues using Jasmy’s technology.

Apart from cooperation with Transcosmos, we also built a business alliance with Witz. Together we are going to provide a new service called “Community-based Town MaaS”. On our platform, it is possible for service providers to use personal data of autonomous driving users in a safe and secure way to provide various services. This will not only improve customer convenience but also reduce the cost for managing personal information.

By using behavioral data from residents and tourists, such as shopping, diet, transportation, spending time, distance, etc., we will consider new services based on the futuristic MaaS.

As we have already entered into contracts with listed companies in Japan, there is a market for our business. We have started the deployment of our products with our business partners and can foresee the regular increasement in demand for our services. Therefore, our business scale will continue to expand with the increasement of business from partner companies.

Q3) Jasmy is using blockchain and distributed storage, so what is the difference to the centralistic approach of data management that we see in the world so far? Where is the merrit of decentralization?

Unlike GAFA, Jasmy’s business model does not collect data in a centralized system, analyze and make a profit based on it. We believe the individuals on the platform are the owners of the data, and the owners should make a profit by utilizing the data.

On our platform, users of companies’ services become the owners of their data by having a “personal data locker”. This is a big difference from other businesses.

Jasmy platform ecosystem

Companies will be able to obtain fresh, unprocessed and unfalsified data from users through the IoT devices. It is even possible between rival companies, e.g. Sony may be able to obtain personal data generated from Panasonic devices. This is made possible because our business model makes each individual the owner of his own data.

Based on our business model, companies are more likely to access to the information that was previously unavailable. This will create new value for the personal data.

As more and more companies join the Jasmy platform to provide services and the number of users increases, the scale of platform will expand, and the amount and value of data possessed by each individual will also increase.

Q4) What is the core technology and strength of the Jasmy IoT Platform?

The users of the Jasmy platform will have “digital lockers” (personal data locker*) in our distributed storage to hold their data. Important personal data or IoT device data will be stored and managed in these lockers, all events like sharing data to whom and to what extent will be determined by the users themselves. In other words, they will have full control over the necessary scope and duration providing their data to the company.

The main features of SKC are as follows.

• Identity Verification (Identification and Authentication: Know Your Customer) and registration functions.

• The function that allows users to authorize data transactions and the tracing of provided data at their own will

  • The functionality that allows companies and organizations to access and use personal data appropriately and only when necessary after obtaining permission from the individual, instead of keeping records in-house.

The SG is a core service that allows easy and secure registration of IoT devices on the distributed network, at the same time creating an environment that can only be used by the owner of the devices.

Jasmy IoT platform core technologies

The main functions of SG are as follows.

・A functionality to connect devices registered on a network to their owners without additional personal identification or authentication by using the SKC function (Know Your Machine: KYM)

・A function that allows for the device to interact with the owner, such as sending and receiving of measured data from the sensor, and remote control.

・A function that allows the owner to safely store, manage and deploy the data generated from devices within blockchain based distributed storage.

We are developing SKC with Witz to provide a MaaS solution. We are building a platform that enables secure use of users’ personal data in areas where demand for automated driving is particularly high.

In November of last year, driving tests begun on public roads, and we are conducting research and development on the security aspects of personal data.

This project has been approved by the government to promote smart cities, and the construction of a new professional baseball stadium, which will open in two years, is already underway at the location of the demonstration test, which is expected to be a major resort project with a total construction cost of 60 billion yen.

Q5) We know that Jasmy was invited to participate in the most important digital exhibition “Digital Innovation 2021” in Japan hosted by Nikkei BP. There are many good concepts, products and cooperation releases. We also want to know more about it. We saw that Jasmy put forward the concept of “Platinum Data” for the first time in the industry. What does this concept specifically refer to, and what impact will it bring to the development of data technology in the future?

JASMY can not only help to securely lock personal data in data cabinets and share calls through artificial intelligence technology, also improve the quality of life of the entire society through effective use of individualized information and data, and promote the prosperity and development of society and economy, then make contribution.

Compared to big data, it is based on the concept of effectively utilizing individual information data, which is also called the “small data”. JASMY thinks that it is not only necessary to explore the development of the “small data” model, but also to use this model to assist users in making better decisions when encountering difficulties in various daily life scenarios and solutions. This data has extremely high social value, therefore, JASMY also named this concept “Platinum Data”.

Against the background of many industry leaders constantly exploring how to protect and share personal data. We hope that we can share users’ personal data correctly and appropriately, and play a positive role in the development of new business, cross-industry cooperation, and the digital transformation of the industry.

Q6) We have also known the release of the brand-new Secure PC. Can you tell us more about the details of the product? When and how can users purchase related products?

Yes, it can provide users who are affected by the COVID-19 and have to work at home with the same experience as working at a company, ensuring the convenience and safety of the equipment. To this goal, JASMY released a new Secure PC this time. JASMY uses blockchain technology, its own two unique core services (SKC and SG), and the “JASMY IoT platform service” that can safely and effectively manage IoT data, combined with its original hardware equipment management technology, and specifically achieves the following Features:

1. Security monitoring and management of PC internal data

Using distributed technology such as blockchain and original hardware equipment management technology, it can monitor and manage the abnormal use and processing of the internal data of the equipment in real time.

2. Give full play to the performance of the PC device body

Compared with the traditional remote office mode of remote desktops and thin clients such as VDI that connect to and use other devices through the network, users of JASMY Secure PC are actually using the resources of the device itself, so they can get no less than that of the workplace. Equipment performance experience in the office.

3. Take into account work process management and personal privacy

With JASMY Secure PC, companies can ensure that only the user’s work-related process management and device use environment are confirmed and monitored, and the personal privacy of employees will not be infringed.

4. Remotely control and manage individual functions on the PC side

Using the P2P function of the blockchain and JASMY’s original hardware equipment management technology, it is possible to remotely restrict and securely manage the functions of the employee’s computer that are not related to the business, so that only business-related software and functions can be used during working hours.

5. Confirm the safety status of the PC hardware body

Combining the original hardware management technology with the blockchain-based login management function, it can perform real-time remote security monitoring of the operating load and consumption status of each PC body.

The blockbuster release of “JASMY Secure PC” is also launched in cooperation with the mainstream Japanese PC brand VAIO (Sony’s only PC brand and Japan’s top 3 high-end personal notebook computers), providing users who want to purchase Secure PC devices Convenient purchasing method. The detailed functions and specifications related to JASMY Secure PC will be released on JASMY’s official website in the future, so stay tuned。

JASMY Website:https://www.jasmy.co.jp/

Q7) Apart from the introduction of “Platinum Data” and the “Secure PC”, Jasmy CEO Sato-san also had a special lecture at the event, and important personalities from famous companies such as Intel, Transcosmos, Witz, and Nishimura&Asahi were being interviewed. Could you introduce and explain the contents of this special lecture? And what kind of comments and evaluation did the guests give regarding the project?

The special lecture focused on the major aspects of Jasmy’s idea of the need for democratization of information, how it differs from conventional ideas, and how to achieve it, as well as the possibilities and challenges of IoT, and the issues that companies face individually, such as distributed processing and security, and what each company expects from us.

From the guests of each company. Transcosmos has been facing the issue of enhancing information security at contact centers, and they strongly agreed with Jasmy’s solution and concept for handling personal data.

Daiwabo Information System expressed their expectation for the combination of Jasmy’s solutions and their own services in the area of remoting.

Witz had high expectations for Jasmy’s data democratization concept to ensure the security of personal information used in the development of MaaS services.

Nishimura & Asahi expressed their expectation that the development of IoT and blockchain technologies, which are Jasmy’s business domain, will lead to the improvement of the quality of legal services.

Intel shared our vision of data democratizing, and expressed their hope that the industry as a whole will take various actions to realize this vision.

Q8) What is the Jasmy Coin token economy? What kind of additional value will be created with it in the future?

The features of Jasmy Coin are

  1. investors purchasing it for capital gains in the market, and
  2. companies using it for business demand.

The main use of Jasmy Coin is that company can pay individuals Jasmy Coins as reward for acquiring personal data, especially the personal data generated from IoT devices.

Jasmy Coin is the only valid currency for the value of personal data on our platform.

With the increasement of partner companies as well as the users of their services, the scale of our platform will continue to expand, hence, the volume and the value of personal data owned by each individual will continue to expand as well.

There is another factor that decides the growing value of Jasmy Coin. For the companies who are using Jasmy’s services, this token ecosystem will not affect their finance reports.

Jasmy generates revenue from providing its platform as a service to companies. Even if a company does not pay Jasmy Coin for information security or purchase of our products, the token ecosystem mentioned above will rotate the token cycle. Companies have the advantage of being able to develop their businesses regardless of token price movements.

On the other hand, Jasmy Coin makes the accumulated personal data available in case they want to use the data stored in personal data locker generated from their services.

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