How I see the World of cryptocurrency

After spending A lifetime in computer programming and peeking into a haze of our future and over time I’ve come to realize one critical difference how I see the world and how almost everyone else sees it. I look at broad patterns but most folks are zoomed in, looking at much shorter patterns. I look at abstractions of abstractions over decades, hundreds of years and even millennia. Because people are so zoomed in, they tend to see annoyances of technology while I’m looking at categories of technology. Crytpo is smart money. It’s programmable. Changeable. Intelligent. Today’s money is stupid. Tomorrow’s kids will not understand stupid money. The foolish narratives of the short sighted are dying. Slowly but surely they’re dying. In twenty five years most folks won’t even remember dumb money printed on paper and minted as coins. There won’t be any stories about cryptocurrency versus “real” money. People won’t even know the word cryptocurrency. They’ll just call it money.

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