I read the JASMY whitepaper

I’m not going to lie. I thought it was a poop coin and was pretty angry it wasn’t Fantom. So I read the whitepaper…and I’m mildly impressed. Quick rundown. TEAM Kunitake Ando- Former President and COO of Sony Corporation. Kuzumasa Sato- Operating officer of Sony Marketing and President of Sony Style Co. Masanobu Yoshida- President […]

Jasmy Coin

Jasmy updates– White Paper 「CEX. LISTED ON IO AND “ZT” EXCHANGES, AND IS IT A STEPPING STONE FOR LISTING IN JAPAN?SPONSOR OF THE J.LEAGUE SAGAN TOSUis it possible that Jasmy will be listed on a japanese cryptocurrency exchange?Jasmy’ future as a cryptocurrencyJasmy’s listing in japan raises pricesJasmy prices, chartswhat is Jasmy? characteristics as a cryptocurrencyis […]